6 tips for remembering your keys

6 tips for remembering your keys

Older people may tend to forget things like not remembering to drink their medicines, or can’t remember where they put their eyeglasses (only to find out later it’s actually on their forehead!).

Forgetfulness is commonly associated among older individuals as brain tissues tend to degrade with age. But we all know this is not only their problem. Younger people face this dilemma too. It’s not because their brain tissues are already aging, but this happens due to a lot of factors. Stress is one of them.

Working people face so much stress every day. And if they can’t take this problem off in their system, they might need to follow a simple routine to remember all things important in their lives.

One of the most common things that people may tend to forget is keys, whether car or house keys. And the home is usually the place where this important piece is lost. To prevent this from happening to you every day, follow these simple tips.


  1. Keep your room and house organized

Every piece in your house has its own preferred spot, including your keys (you would surely wonder why your keys are inside the kitchen cabinet). Making all these pieces organized is one first step to remembering any lost item.

In an organized room or house, everything out of place can be seen instantly. If you see something that’s not supposed to be there, put it back to where it should be so you won’t have to get stressed looking for it later.


  1. Keep your keys in the same place all the time

Assign one spot in your house for your keys, like a small table near the front door, the table in your bedroom, or on your computer table next to your laptop. You can also put a hook at the back of your front door or near the door to hang your keys, which you can easily see before going out of your house.

To always remember where you put your keys, you have to consistently leave them in the same spot after every use. And make this as a routine.


  1. Place all your keys in one receptacle

You can use any small decorative tray, a sea shell, basket or a vase as the “home” of all your keys. Be sure to put the keys back into their “home” immediately after using.


  1. Use a specific key holder for every type of key

For your house keys, you may use a key holder with house or room designs. The same with your car keys. You may buy a key holder with car designs or anything you can find that can be associated with cars. This way, you can easily identify which one to pull out if you are in a hurry.


  1. Always have spare keys

It would really do you good if you have spare keys and put them in places that you can easily remember. For your car keys, you can put the spare in your drawer inside your room. For house keys, you can hide one spare in your garden outside your door. Just make sure it won’t easily be seen by burglars. You can slightly bury it or put it under a rock of flower pot. You can also leave a spare in your office or request a trusted friend or family member to keep a spare for you in case you lost yours.

Just remember to use the spare keys only when needed and put them back after use, or else you will also lose them too.


  1. Wear your keys

You won’t surely forget where your keys are if you can always see them hanging on your neck. It may be a little uncomfortable wearing a lanyard with your keys while in your office but at least, you are assured these won’t get lost.

You can also clip your keys to your belt loop before going out of your house.

Forgetting something as important as your keys can be a little worrisome but this will definitely go away once you start doing the habit of organizing.

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