Cardenas Market

If you are looking for a store in Las Vegas that sells fresh, quality and wholesome food all year round, Cardenas is the one.

Cardenas believes that traditionally, fresh produce is the way to go since it is healthy and affordable.

Cardenas is not just a grocery store; it is like a family that serves some of the boldest flavors and inspirational meal ideas straight to your dining table.

At the store’s meat department, you can always find fresh meats and carne asada while at its produce department, you can find a variety of traditional flavors, fruits and vegetables from across the USA, Mexico, Central and South America and other countries.

Or you can take a stop at its juice bar if you like to freshen up with fresh fruits, salads, and juices.

If bread is your favorite, Cardenas’ bakery is the best stop for aromatic breads, delicious pastries, and desserts.

But if you are too busy to cook, you can always buy ready-to-serve meals at Cardenas at its kitchen department where you can just pick up some comfort food and everyday favorites. At the kitchen, you can choose from an array of dishes that come from the Cardenas’ family recipes, particularly the traditional dishes Mexican stew, fried pork, tacos, burritos, tortas, beef and chicken soup. It’s famous grilled chicken has a unique taste while its delicious pork, beef, corn, and cheese with jalapeños tamales come with the traditional hot chocolate (champurrado). And you can always eat at the kitchen any time of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or meals in between.

Indeed, Cardenas is one store that can make your shopping experience enjoyable and unique.