KoMex Fusion Express

Some people love Korean food. Others love to eat Mexican cuisines. But what if these two cuisines are mixed into one recipe? That certainly is a come-on to both Korean and Mexican food enthusiasts.

That is the specialty of KoMex Fusion Express – offering food that has a mixture of Mexican and Korean taste.

Those who crave Korean and Mexican food would certainly love KoMex Fusion Express’ fusion specialties such as Fusion Tacos with a choice of beef, chicken, pork or tofu topped with KoMex Slaw and pico de gallo, or Fusion Burrito with a choice of beef, chicken or pork plus Spanish rice, green and brown onions, pico de gallo, cilantro, lettuce and KoMex Silaw.

There is also the Fusion Bulgogi Cheesesteak, Fusion Chimichanga, Fusion Enchilada, Fusion Flautas, Fusion Fries or Fusion Nachos, Fusion Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Fusion Quesadilla, Fusion Sliders, Fusion Tater Tots, Fusion Tostada, Fusion Torta, and Fusion Wings.

But KoMex Fusion Express also serves separate Mexican food like Mexican Burrito and Taco.

All these are served with your choice of drinks and beverages.

Before KoMex Fusion Express was born, it came first as a family-owned Mexican meat market business that existed for over 20 years.

While selling meat inside the market, the owners also sold Mexican food in a hot food area. During lunch, their usual food is Korean but mixed with Mexican flavors. Soon after, one regular customer asked for a sample of their usual lunch and liked the food. Then another person came to taste the food. Not long after, people kept coming in to their small ethnic market to look for fusion food not readily available in Las Vegas. And the popularity of this kind of food kept growing that the owners decided to open a restaurant. And that’s how KoMex Fusion Express came to be.

KoMex Fusion Express has been rated the “Best Hangover Food in Las Vegas” by BuzzFeed and won “Best of Las Vegas” three years in a row since it opened in February 2011.

KoMex Fusion Express makes fresh made-to-order Korean-Mexican and American food in affordable prices but generous servings, making the restaurant a favorite in Las Vegas.