Lima Limon

Have you tried eating Peruvian food? If not, then now is the best time to try this unique blend of flavor at Lima Limon, a Peruvian Restaurant located along Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lima Limon serves delicious Peruvian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Its Pollo Saltados and Lomo Saltado are the best. Its Ceviche is also the best and the only one in the West Coast.

You wouldn’t surely want to miss Lima Limon’s Mar y Tierra and fried rice, considered to be the restaurant’s most flavorful dishes for everyone.

You can choose from ready-to-serve meals or you can choose to customize your order, which all come in big portions, making you really full after a hungry stop over.

Customers who have tried eating at Lima Limon can’t believe getting large servings of their orders, making them decide to come back again for another dining out experience.

With all the positive feedbacks that Lima Limon is getting from customers, it is definitely the best Peruvian restaurant to go to in Las Vegas.