Can safes still be cracked?

Can safes still be cracked?


Safes are popular among businesses. They use this not only to secure their money but also to keep important documents.

Some residential owners also use safes in their homes to make sure burglars won’t steal their hard-earned money and valuables, particularly jewelry.

Though considered secure, safes can be cracked and opened. So if you forgot the combination or the key to your safe, you can always hire a locksmith to crack it.

Safe cracking is the process of opening a safe without the use of a key or the combination.

The process of opening a safe depends on its construction. The common process includes lock manipulation, combination guessing, drilling, safe bouncing, scoping and the use of autodialers.


Lock manipulation

Lock manipulation unlocks the safe to recover its combination. It is done only by an expert who had already mastered manipulating the lock manually to obtain all the numbers of the combination one at a time.


Combination guessing

Among the most common safes combination to guess are birthdays, anniversaries, addresses or a driver’s license number.

However, this method may only become perfect after so many trials and errors since there are some safe owners who use a mix of numbers rather than using wholly the birthdates, making it difficult to guess.



Safes can be opened by drilling, the most common method used by locksmiths because it is more quicker than manipulation. Some manufacturers of safes often provide drilling diagrams for locksmiths to follow.

Drilling is usually done when the locks are damaged or have malfunctioned, or when there is a burglary attempt.

Drilling creates a hole, giving the safecracker a chance to see the internal part of the combination lock.

Safes that are drilled can easily be repaired.


Safe bouncing

Bouncing is only applicable to inexpensive safes that use mechanical locking mechanisms.

These cheap safes use a magnetic locking pin that can be moved when the safe is dropped, allowing it to be opened.



Scoping is the process of drilling a hole and inserting a borescope into the safe to observe the change key hole.



Autodialers are machines used to open safes, which are manufactured specifically for a particular type of lock.

These machines are known to take 24 hours or more to reach the correct combination.


These safe-cracking methods may or may not be applicable to the kind of safe you have but you may have to try these methods to open your safe if you forgot the combination or the key.

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