High security locks for the ultimate home protection

High security locks for the ultimate home protection

Locks are very important as these can help secure your home from possible break-ins. But there are locks that can easily be opened by many burglars, giving them easy access inside.

To make sure that burglars will find it hard to enter your home, change your ordinary locks into high security locks.

High security locks are locks that are certified to be of top-quality by locksmiths and security researchers, most of which use designs and characteristics that can resist manipulation and forced entry.

Most high security locks are designed with restrictive keyways, key controls and key differs.

They are also designed to be resistant to manipulation and forced entry.

Restrictive keyways make it harder for burglars to insert and maneuver tools within the lock while on key controls, the keys are not easily created, distributed and cut because these locks have key bows and warding patterns to prevent unauthorized manufacturing.

Before duplicating a high security lock, the locksmith will ask for a security card and if you can’t present one, no new keys will be made.

Key differs in high security locks prevent cross keying while allowing for complex master keying configurations.

All high security locks have pins that are designed to resist manipulation from picking, decoding and bumping. They are also made from strong materials such as ball bearings and steel rods that prevent any destructive entry.

One high security lock that you can use in your house is deadbolt with either single or double cylinders.

There are many types of deadbolts available in the market today but make sure to choose the one that cannot easily be opened through drilling, picking, manipulation, bumping. jimmying and prying attempts.

Most deadbolts come with high security keys and unique registration cards with magnetic strips to prevent unauthorized duplication. Only authorized dealers can duplicate the keys for these kinds of deadbolts while owners who want to ask for extra keys need to be verified to make sure they rightfully own the property.

Some of the cylinders in high-quality deadbolts come with telescopic pin tumbler mechanism that are resistant to pick, drill and bump.

In looking for the best brand for your high-security lock, choose those that can offer you a wide range of cylinders and padlocks that uses hundreds or thousands of computer-controlled key combinations or those with hardened steel pin inserts that cannot be drilled easily.

Choose also those with many locking elements and those that follow a verification policy to prevent an unauthorized key from being used in the locking process.


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