How to hide a spare key for your vehicle

How to hide a spare key for your vehicle

Even if you consider yourself a very organized person who keeps all things in order, there will always be a time when you can’t remember to put back something into its proper place maybe because you are stressed or too pre-occupied with work. When this happens, expect yourself to experience being in a hot seat. Much more if the misplaced item is your car key.

Avoid the hassle of looking for your misplaced car key. If you don’t have time to look for it because you really need to go to work, you can always use your spare key. For sure, you know exactly where you hide your spare key, which is literally kept to be used during emergencies such as these.

But there are people who don’t know where to hide their spare keys.

Spare keys for your vehicle can be kept inside your drawer in the bedroom. Or you can also put it in a hook near the main door of your house so it can be seen easily in case you need someone to pick them up.

If you are the person who always brings a purse or wallet, you can put your spare key there along with your money and important documents. Most women would tend to just bring their wallet or purse upon going out to buy something. In case you are locked out, you always have the spare key to use.

But you can also ask a family member or a trusted friend to keep your spare key. Just make sure that person is always available if you need the key in case of a lockout.

Some people hide the spare keys of their car inside a magnetic box that they stick somewhere underneath the car. The only thing disadvantageous about this is that car thieves would probably know the usual spots where these magnetic boxes are attached. So you really have to think of a better but safe area where you can stick the box. Just make sure the box will not protrude.

Others keep their spare keys in a safety deposit box. However, this may be disadvantageous because if you lost the key to the box or have forgotten the combination, you can’t surely get the spare key.

Having a spare key is really a must for car owners as this is the only thing that can save them in case of a car lockout.


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