Is your garage door safe from burglars?

Is your garage door safe from burglars?

Burglars are everywhere. They strike anytime, even in broad daylight. You wouldn’t know, you might be their next target. So don’t make yourself become their next victim. Ask yourself, “Is my garage door safe from burglars?”

The garage is one of the most common entry points for thieves. Experienced burglars often know how to manipulate the common locks most homeowners use in their garage.

If you are using a keypad for your garage door, you would surely feel safe thinking that thieves may have a hard time guessing the four-digit combination. But you are wrong. Keypads are still prone to be cracked even if you keep more than 10,000 possible combinations. And the clues can be found on the keypads themselves.

A burglar who was arrested by Colorado police confessed how he managed to crack the keypad at his victim’s garage door and took away the latter’s valuables in just a few minutes. All that he used was a flashlight.

The burglar says when the code is punched in, the skin at the fingertips emits oil that sort of cleanses the keypad numbers. The other numbers in the keypads that were never used will appear dirty as dust and dirt accumulate. With the use of a flashlight with either a blue or red lens, anyone can clearly see which numbers are clean and which are not. Therefore, the clean numbers in the keypad are the code.

The burglar says even without a flashlight, the numbers can still be clearly seen using the sun’s reflection with a correct angle. And in just a few minutes, he can crack the code, leaving no signs of forced entry. And there is no way the fingerprints can be lifted from the keypads because it cannot be traced owing to the condition and texture of the keypad’s surface.

But don’t fret if you are using keypad on your garage door. You have the option to remove it, or stick to it. If you decide to keep it, you can do something to counter this trick. All you need to do is to thoroughly clean all the numbers in the keypad so you can’t leave any trace to would-be thieves. You can do the cleaning every week using a mild cleanser.

Aside from the keypads, the emergency release rope is also being used by thieves to open the garage door.

A burglar can just easily use a hook or even a simple wire hanger to reach over the garage door and grab the emergency release rope and presto, the door will be opened giving the burglar all the time to do shopping inside your garage.

But to prevent this, you can remove the emergency rope and put a hook somewhere that you can use to release the door in case of an emergency.

You can also install an alarm on your garage door which emits a loud sound if it senses any motion, or install a motion sensing lights not only to keep your garage well lighted but to alert you when someone comes near.

Since most homeowners connect their garage to their homes, it is a must to really secure the garage’s door to prevent any break-ins.


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