Programming remote car keys and transponders

Programming remote car keys and transponders

Majority of car owners are using remote keys for their vehicles as it is more convenient than ordinary car keys. With just one click of a button, drivers can easily unlock or lock their car’s doors, and even the trunk door or trunk window.

All new vehicles now come with remote keys. Both the car and the remote key contain memory chips that make communication between them easy. When the remote key is pressed, a signal is sent to the car with instructions on what action to take.

When this technology was not yet invented, drivers need to insert the car’s key into the lock at the door’s handle to open the vehicle.

Being a piece of technology, remote keys may need to be re-programmed, or if you had just purchased a new remote key for your car, it may need to be programmed to properly sync it with the vehicle’s door locks. This is required so that the car can recognize the signal that the remote key is sending.

Re-programming of remote keys is usually done when the keys suffer errors or when the settings have been erased accidentally.

Same with remote car keys, transponders may also need to be re-programmed or programmed.

Transponders are electronic chips hidden inside a car key’s plastic head that sends signals to the car to disarm its immobilizer when the key is inserted into the ignition, causing the car’s engine to start.

Majority of cars built after 1995 have keys that already contain transponder chips.

Transponders need to be programmed if the car won’t start even if the key has already been inserted into the ignition. This means that the key has received an incorrect signal so there is a need to program the transponder to sync it with the car’s engine control unit (ECU) and to consequently disarm the immobilizer.

Most skilled locksmiths and car dealers can re-program or program transponders as long as the vehicle’s unique code is available. This code comes with the vehicle when purchased new and is supplied by the manufacturer.

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